The AirBadgers are an Ultimate Frisbee team who get every one of their players from St. Peter's School in Exeter. The team were formed In 1997, making them one of the oldest junior teams around. The team has been coached by our PE teacher, Mr Ruff - AKA "The Ruffter" since it's formation. Over the years the Badgers have gained much National success in all three divisions of Under 14's, 17's and 20's. As far as spirit goes we pride ourselves in being a great spirited team and we were awarded "Most Spirited Team" by The UK Ultimate Association in the 2005 awards. This was a great achievement for us as the underlining principal of Ultimate is based around the spirit of the game. But what else are the AirBadgers renowned for? The Mac-Lines of course! For a small school club like ours, not only have we had tons of success in tournaments, but also massive amounts of publicity, just check out the

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