Ultimate For Beginners

Introduction To Ultimate...

When a ball dreams… It dreams it’s a Frisbee                        Dr. Stancil B. Johnson - International Frisbee Hall of Fame

Ultimate is a non-contact, fast paced sport played with 2 teams of 7 Outdoors and 2 teams of 5 indoors. The object of the game is to throw the frisbee (or disc) up the field/hall until it's caught in the opponent’s endzone. The game combines elements from other sports - The running of football, the pivoting of Netball, the continual turnovers from Offence to Defence of Basketball and the Endzones from American Football.

Ultimate is a game played all year round Indoors and Outdoors. Indoors is generally a quicker game with only 5 players on each team and games as short as 20 minutes long, games mostly capping at around 13 points. Outdoors however is alot different and is generally a more tactical game. Each team has 7 players and games are Usually around 1 hour to 1 hour 40 minutes long and games mostly stop at 17 points.

The 10 Main Rules Of Ultimate

1. The Field - A Regulation Ultimate Field Is 70 Yards By 40 Yards. The Endzones Are 25 Yards Deep.

2. Starting Play - There Are 5 Or 7 Players Per Team. Each Team Lines Up Across The Front Of Their Endzones At The Beginning Of Each Point. The Team With The Disc Will Pull (i.e. Throw)The Disc To The Other Team. This Starts Gameplay.

3. Movement Of The Disc -The Offensive Team Can Move The Disc In Any Direction By Successfully Completing A Pass To A Teammate. Once A Player Has The Disc They Cannot Run With It. Only One Defensive Player Is Allowed To Mark/Guard The Handler (i.e. The Player Who Current Holds The Disc). All Other Defensive Players Must Be At Least 10 Feet (3 Meters) Away.

4. The Stall Count - The Player With The Disc (i.e. The Thrower Or Handler) Has Ten Seconds Outdoors Or 8 Seconds Indoors To Throw It. The Defender Marking The Thrower (i.e. The Marker) Will Establish This Stall Count.

5. Change Of Possession (Turnover) - When A Pass Is Not Completed (i.e. Out Of Bounds, Drop, Block, Interception) Or A Ten/Eight Second Stall Out Occurs, The Defence  Immediately Takes Possession Of The Disc And Becomes Offence. This Is Called A Turnover.

6. Scoring - When The Offence Completes A Pass Into The Opposing Endzone, This Is A Point

7. Contact - No Physical Contact Is Allowed In The Game Of Ultimate. Picks* And Screens Are Also Prohibited As They Often Lead To Injury. (*Pick: A Intentional Or Unintentional Block Where A Player Gets Between You And The Player You Are Covering)

8. Fouls - When A Player Makes Contact On Another Player A Foul Occurs. The Player Who Was Fouled Must Immediately Yell "FOUL" And Gameplay Promptly Stops. If A Foul Call Disrupts Possession, The Play Resumes As If The Possession Was Retained. If The Player Committing The Foul Disagrees With The Foul Call, The Play Is Redone.

9. Self - Refereeing - Players Are Responsible For Their Own Foul And Line Calls. Players Resolve Their Own Disputes. There Are NO Referees.

10. Spirit Of The Game - Ultimate's Underlying Philosophy Is Sportsmanship And Fair Play. Competitive Play Is Encouraged, But Never Be At The Expense Of Respect Between Players, Adherence To Rules, And The Basic Joy Of Play.

For further information on ultimate, including:

  • How to throw a Backhand & Sidearm (Or Forehand)
  • All about The Spirit Of The Game
  • Basic strategy & more advanced strategy

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